2-3 March 2016
Dubai, UAE

With the GCC acting as a melting pot of cultures, our approach to diversity is a lot more natural than the western world's. Where they have to put into place hard mechanisms to ensure diversity exists in the workplace, this region has achieved diversity in a much more organic way.

That being said it is also important for us to recognize this ability of ours and understand how to leverage it towards performance and excellence. We can use this natural addiction to diversity to have the international community recognize and follow the progress we make here on a daily basis.

So what does diversity means to you? Growth Generations Heritage Experience Equality Leaders Cultures Community

Key Partners

Key Topics

The Diversity Scorecard
Global Leadership and Inter-Cultural Intelligence
Diverse Thinking and Behaviour
Marketing for Diversity
Corporate Culture
Effective Nationalization




Y & Z
Leadership Shuffle
Silo Management
Mergers & Acquisitions
Working with Disabilities



Reasons to Attend

Participation in a conference that is the first of it's kind for the region


An understanding of the wider impact of diversity on your business operations and bottom line

Utilizing diversity towards recognition with your customers and achieving social responsibilities

A number of hangouts or workshops to turn theory into practice

Ground breaking discussions on the future of diversity and how you can play into that view

Aligning culture, talent, and business strategies with diversity for optimal performance

Learning how to communicate and engage a workforce across cultures and generations

Understanding how focus on inclusive leadership mind- and skill-sets leads to breakthrough results


Who Should Attend

  • Business Leaders - Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, Managing Directors, Chief Operating Officers, Vice Presidents, General Managers, Directors

  • HR Professionals - Chief Diversity Officers, Head of HR, Chief HR Officer, Director HR, HR Managers, Organizational Development Managers, Talent Acquisition Specialists, Head of Recruitment, Head of Training & Development, Chief Peoples Officers, Chief Learning Officers, Human Capital Managers, Head of Localization, Head of Compensation and Benefits, Consultants, Head of Employee Relations

  • Department Heads - Business Managers, Team Leaders, Line Managers